My new dog

After ma man Homey died last year, I was not keen on taking care of another dog. Need some time off and shit. 13 years was the longest duration that i had a dog by my side.

Anyway, i recently met this fella, who looks a lot like Homey. It belongs to someone who lives a few streets away, but he likes hanging out at my area. I assume he’s one of Homey’s kids.

He's the one in white

He’s the one in white


See the resemblance?

So i decided, fuck it, I’ll take it. This was 3 weeks ago.

After a few days, his humans stopped looking for him, so its all good now. Not very committed, are they? Pricks.

I figured since he’s Homey’s kid, I have a right to him. Also, it helps sooth the pain of losing Homey.


His name is Monkey. He’s a pretty cute fella eh?




Update:  This was an April Fool’s joke. Am no dog thief!

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