KL’s biggest Street Party comin up!

Yea, those of you who love street parties, here’s the chance to participate in the biggest one in KL’s history. It happens downtown this Saturday afternoon. And there’s no charge.

On the menu are free teargas, foam baths via water trucks, sprint exercises, vocal chord enhancement, and for the real lucky – bed-and-breakfast courtesy of Royal Malaysian Police. Those who get naughty and need legal help, dozens of lawyers have volunteered to represent you for free, and will be on stand-by at the various stations all over the city.

But, the venue TBC, maybe Stadium Merdeka. Not so street then.

I foresee many demo / tear-gas virgins showin up.

You might even score a souvenir from recycled tear gas canisters, and it can turn into your own, all-aluminium…


As parking and roads will be limited, party animals should use the LRT/MRT/Monorail, and disembark at Hang Tuah Station on the Star Line. Then just follow the crowd!

Here’s a very interesting guide if ur goin.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety, so said Ben Franklin.

So step up. 2pm.


Brain damage: 0/10. Tear gas causes no brain damage!

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