Homey inside

Dawg Homes has been ‘hospitalized’. Dude was not eating n kinda lifeless for a coupla days, gums n skin practically white, so took him to d doc.
Doc does a blood test n says he got sum auto-immune disease or sumtin. His body is eating up its own red blood cells. Its down to 13%.

Dont sound good. Tick fever i hear.

He’s hasnt eaten for days and is on drips now. Doc says if it gets worse, might have to do a blood transfusion.

I had to stop myself from laughing when i heard dat. Fuckin transfusion man! Didnt know they have such shit for dogs.

So dogs actually go donate blood n shit??

Homeboy’s gotta fuckin lampshade around his neck, so he dont yank out the IV line from his paw.

Not happy!

Anyway, he’s been stuck inside for d third day now. Hopefully he’s out soon.

All i know is its gonna cost a bomb!

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10 thoughts on “Homey inside

  1. Awwwwww, poor thing him. Aren’t you heartache??

    But you only mentioned the medical gonna cost you a bomb!? which is true also, lolz!

    Few years back, my dog was infected with toad’s poison and had about the same issue like your dog now. He will be fine…try to feed him with rice + brown sugar and some chicken breast meat. Feed him to his mouth with you hand.

    Wish you luck dude!

    • Haha! Yea, a bit concerned, but its ok if he dies. Homeboy’s had good times.
      Toad’s poison?? Haha! Weird shit. Actually there’s a swamp in front of my house. Maybe he got d same thing!
      Tx a lot for d advise.

  2. WTF! It’s ok if he dies?? You’re such a nasty owner wei! My dogs is so lucky to have me wei :p Hahahahha

    Yeah toad’s poison coz my smart hunter dog, went ahead bite the toad and almost swallow the toad down his throat! We had to force him to spit it out! Never ever allow your dog get near any stupid toad, you wouldn’t know which one is poisonous and you will then got slapped with another bomb! Hahahahha….

  3. get fighting fit soon, Homes. Well, it looks like you’re preparing yourself in case things go downhill for him – hang in there, Homes!

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