$pending on food vs drinks

I sometimes come across some blogs of friends like KY & Sue Lynn & others, and they always be pigging out at some new restaurant. It soon got me thinking, “Fuckin hell, these guys check out aallll the restaurants! And order aallll da shit. How the heck do they afford it?”

KY the eating freak (pix stolen from his blog)

There’re restaurants real near where i live that these people have scoped and gang-raped multiple times, and i havent even been to them or heard of ’em! Real restaurant junkies.

I dont do such things. It would cost too much, but mainly coz food aint  a priority to me. I guess i got other priorities.

Its also a question of what in economics  is known as ‘opportunity cost’.

I normally wouldnt spend more than 10 bucks on a meal, but would probably spend 10 or 20 times more on a drink. So its normally with reluctance i would join some girlie ‘dinner with friends’ shit at some over-priced dump. Usually no choice coz its a birthday. (There’re quite a few people who feel d same but wont say it. Haha. Obligations.)

I eat out several times a day. So i spend more than enough on food as it is. And food dont contain alcohol, so whats the benefit of blowing 50 or 100 bucks on it? The same amount spent on booze, gets me high. But food is just shat out.

In fact, on certain lazy days, i feel like eating is a goddam chore.

Sue Lynn, who also drinks. A bit of a beerhead this one (pix from her blog)

Anyway, if seen over a month, i think i blow as much on booze as on all dat dam food, if not more. Not sure if its normal. I think its quite common.

But i think some of these people probably spend up to a grand a month on food, checkin out d new joints, or revisiting ol joints. Similarly, some guys would drink up to a grand or more of drinks.

Food is great n all, but it aint an obssession with me. I’m a moderate who always believes in moderation. Seriously!

Well, everybody got their vices. Theirs be food, mine be booze, among others.

Eating – that thing that occurs between drinking. Haha. Sumtin to add to my booze glossary.

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9 thoughts on “$pending on food vs drinks

  1. i don’t do food unless i’m really hungry. also food during drinking is not good as it takes away the alcohol taste (equals to waste of alcohol investment).

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