Good ol’ Malaysian skills

Received this e-mail from AirAsia yesterday –

“Hat Yai, where the fun never stops 24/7!  From bargain shopping, delectable food, stimulating nightlife, to the local Thai massage and reflexology.  The REAL Thai experience awaits you in Hat Yai, where you get more value for your Baht.”

“And Scotch whisky that’s so cheap, you’ll burn your return ticket!”

Well i added the last line. Coz d same day, i got a pictorial email from Eddy about a Malaysian who was busted there for producing fake Scotch.

What an entrepreneur! Global Malaysian businessman. Like our famous bookies.

Respect. But then again, it’s also a brain drain to foreign lands. Rugi la.

Not sure of the authenticity. Regardless. Shit like dat is happening all d time everywhere. Fake booze is a serious problem, easily using recycled original bottles. Some bars n clubs serve dis shit to customers coz its dirt cheap for them.

I plan to talk to d liquor companies about this issue soon, and also on how we can reduce d problem.

In d meantime, here r some pictures of d bust in Hat Yai.

The used bottles await

Thai cops score. Traffic cop came for his share of whisky

Out to market

The dude's gear. Wonder wats d poisonous canned shit on d right for

Cop seems impressed with the fake bottle caps. New toy for his kid

The books


The (alleged) suspect. Anyone know Mr Pee? Would like to score an interview with the pisshead

"OK boys, which bottle shall we down first?? Mr Pee, any suggestions? No?? BTW tell yor bitch to stop hiding behind you. And your damn hairdo is an insult to all good moonshiners! "

Hat Yai, where the fun never stops 24/7! From bargain shopping, delectable food, stimulating nightlife, to the local Thai massage and reflexology.  Fill your days and nights with exciting activities to thrill all your senses! All these  fun and exciting experiences, will surely make it a trip to remember.
The REAL Thai experience awaits you in Hat Yai, where you get more value for your Baht.
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15 thoughts on “Good ol’ Malaysian skills

  1. Yah heard a lot of bars in Malaysia do this, especially those “2 bottles for RMxxx” the first bottle is legit, the second is fake cos you are most likely half smashed by then and can’t tell the difference.

  2. got a email from this club Qu*T**O,

    BLACK LABEL & SMIRNOFF are going for as low as RM 198 NETT/BTL*
    HENNESSY & GLENMORANGIE are going for as low as RM 248 NETT/BTL*

    smell fishy fishy eh??

  3. Hah! I was so burned the time i bought Chivas in the AIRPORT in bangkok and it tasted like PISS. PISS. So c****. It wasn’t as if i bought it in some backlane in Miri. S**t, the stuff I get in the backlanes in Miri tasted way better. Throw the book at that guy!

  4. Mr. Pee is serving up piss!! That’s a good one!!

    Malaysians are great on globalization – we are expanding out into the world……Bookies in the UK, credit card fraudsters in Australia and now moonshiners in Thailand…..not bad man!

  5. well it’s quite sad to actually see the gravity of the illicit alcohol trade (both smuggled and counterfeit) in Malaysia. If I’m not mistaken, i think the numbers are that the alcohol industry lost almost 20% of its revenue last year to illicit alcohol trade.

    One of the key reasons for this i believe is the handling of alcohol issues in Malaysia. We are one of the prominent alcohol consuming country in the world and yet we do not have a good set of laws to govern and put things in place when it comes to the drinks business.

    Due to ‘reactive’ thinking and ignorance, the gov places high taxes and this causes:

    increase in criminal acitivities

    society becoming more prone to illicit alcohol consumption,

    underage drinkers having access to booze because there’s now a cheaper options

    law enforcement expenses increases because of the need to deal with the illicit trade

    then again what’s the gun ask questions later..Malaysia BOLEH!

  6. hmmm. I was intersted in Ben’s post specifically that we are a high consuming alcohol country so i decided to do some checking. So a 2006 report posted by CAP and TERAS claim that Malaysia is the 10th largest consumer of alcohol in the world. But no references or any suggestion on how they get their methodology, just the statement.

    So I check with WHO and their 2004 report which uses FAO statistics and we’re not nearly as high up as we think we are. Msiá per capita consumption was at 1.09L whereas the top was Uganda at 19.47L. So way somewhere towards the bottom, according to WHO. I found another study on the ásia pacific alcohol policy alliance which characterized óur drinking as low but with a subset of heavy drinkers.

    Which is accurate? Are we heavy drinkers but its masked because there is a large non-drinking population? How can we tell? Unfortunately we may never know, though a clever statistician might be able to make an educated guess partly because of the “cultural, political and religious” factors that shape health policy and governance? Certainly Ben is right to pinpoint that something is wrong.

    Although I think in one aspect it is only correct that in Sarawak we get ‘made in selangor, for export only’ carlsberg. Acknowledgement we are independent state! Huzzah! 🙂

  7. what about places like brickfields where a bottle of black label will cost around that tax free or just fake booze?ive had people supporting both camps,im a student so budget counts and brickfields then becomes a weekly thing

  8. Malaysians are known as high consumers of alcohol (among those who drink). But most dont drink, so that lowers our stats.
    But all foreigners always get freaked out at how we party. Haha!
    JD thus far i’ve had no problems with booze from ‘Fields. They’re probably legit smuggled booze, ie the government dont get their cut of tax.
    Double reason to get it!

  9. Just to add my 2 cents worth… cheap branded booze (esp if it’s too cheap) are fakes. If duty free will have the stamp or comes in 1 litre bottles. Beware, coz i know the people who manufacture fake booze…and u can’t tell d difference!

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