Ecoba opens

Ecoba (7710-1118), a restaurant & bar, recently joined the PJ drinkin scene.


Ecoba (not Ecobar), is located in D’sara Perdana, at PJ Trade Center (Bata Tower) along d LDP. ECO stands for “Eat, Chill, Oogle”, tho am sure they mean ogle, coz there’s no word spelt oogle.


Dining area

Headed there for the soft launch, and indulged in some Dewar’s, which soon ran out.

Ecoba occupies a ground floor outlet

It’s got a pretty large space, and an outdoor section with bean bags n shit.

Island bar

Island bar

The outlet’s open from 11am daily. There’s happy hours (until 9) and the cheaper chill hours (before 6). Dats when 2 pints of Hoegaarden is $40. Ladies get free booze on Wednesdays.

There’re also deals on liquor – like $450  for two bottles of Dewar’s. More details on promos here. Cool thing is, all prices are nett.

From my observation of the scene, its probably gonna compete for The Library crowd.

Bean bag fest

There’s a beer-drinking competition every Monday (Carlsberg Centurion Challenge). Down 100 shots of beer in 100 mins and get $1,800 CASH and a bottle of Skyy. Sweet deal, real sweet. I’d go for it but beer makes me fuckin piss like hell. Ur not allowed to piss or puke.

My bladder will probably explode and tear my jeans n splatter piss and flesh on everybody’s faces. Uncool.

The buy-in is $188, and its limited to 10 pax. All winners get d prize. U need to register early as its full pretty quick. No lightweights, wannabes and emo-drinkers.

NOTE: Update – The challenge is now known as Elimination Centurion Challenge. Max 10 challengers. Each challenger takes a turn to call how many shots in a minute to drink (max 10 shooters per min). Once called, all must follow.  The trick to win max money is to eliminate your opponents. Each person is worth RM100. If you eliminate all… & you finish 100 shots, you walk away with $1800 (+ $900)  = $2700.


Brain damage: 6.5/10

Ecoba Elimination Centurion Challenge!!! How? Max 10 challengers.
Each challenger takes turn to call how many shots in a min to drink (max 10 shooters per min). Once called, all must follow.

…(tharr be more)The trick to win max money is to eliminate your opponents. Each person is worth RM100. If you eliminate all… & you finish 100 shots, you walk away with RM1800 + RM900 = RM2700.

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17 thoughts on “Ecoba opens

  1. As I told Deeps a earlier this week… The place looks good, but the service sucked! Especially with the Carlsberg Beer Competition…

    We were there and had to wait for one and a half hours for a table – which was fine, given the fact that we did not make a reservation. But the sucky thing was that we had to wait equally as long for a drink! On top of that, they ran out of wine by the glass, and only informed me an hour later! Thirsty man!!!

    Things progressively took a turn for the worse – ashtrays that were overflowing, lack of cutlery when the food (finally) arrived and the puke-filled toilets that weren’t cleaned!

    I mean come on!!! If you organise a beer competition, at least be prepared for regurgitation galore! Get your staff ready to clean up the ‘spillage’!

    My last gripe – no ashtrays! ECOba – you’d figure it’s to do with the environment, etc… So why the hell were we butting out in the garden?

    To the guys that run the joint – kudos for a really nice place, but fellas, if you want it to continue and succeed, remember what the place means – eco : environmentally friendly; improve the service and speed of service and cleanliness!

  2. Dear Felinexxx,

    Hi my name is Kenny, part of ecoba’s management team.

    My most sincere apology for the unfavorable experience that you have to go through. We take your comments seriously and as I’m typing, we are taking measures to ensure such incident won’t happen again. Please allow me to take you through what went wrong and the measures that we are taking as we take your comments very seriously.

    1) 5 staff did not turn up on Monday hence disrupting operations. It is not an excuse and definitely our problem and we will take note to hire more reliable staff.

    2) We have enagaged service of F&B service trainers to train our staff to ensure service level is not compromised. We have a handful of new recruits as we always believe in giving chances for newbies to earn a living in the service industry but this is something that we need to endure for the time being till they learn and excel in the shortest time possible. Such mistakes i.e. no wine glass or cutleries when we have purchased more than enough will not happen again!

    3) Cleanliness – we too are very particular about cleanliness and we’ve up the counts for BUSBOY and stewards. From hourly cleaning of the toilets we are cutting it down to half-hourly to ensure the comfort of our customers. We too have opened a new toilet with more cubicles a level below of our outlet. We will make more frequent routine checks to ensure cleanliness is up to par.

    4) We seek for your kind understanding as we are still running our trial operations. We are very grateful for your comments as this will only allow us to learn and improve. Once again my most sincere apology and thank you for your kind understanding and support.

    Please do look me up when you visit ecoba the next time as I would like to personally apologies to you.

    Thank you.

    Thanks Thirsty Blogger for allowing me to post this reply. Thanks =)

  3. Hi Kenny,

    Just wandering if the ECOBA’s Carlsberg Centurion Challenge is still on for the coming Monday.


  4. I went to Ecoba last weekend using the MyDeal voucher. I purchased the voucher after reading many good reviews about Ecoba. With an enthusiastic frame of mind and tummy, I brought my hubby and 6yr old along for a nice Saturday dinner. Well, nice it was not!

    I ordered the roast spring chicken as the main, after recommendation frm the waitstaff. He told me it’s really good. I trusted him of course.

    Well the spring chicken came, half a spring chicken, and at the first cut at the thigh area, I saw blood and raw flesh. I knew then it was only 70% cooked. So I called the other waitstaff who is in charge of serving the food. Told him and showed him the chicken is not fully cooked, and he told me he will bring a new one.

    Minutes later, came the “new” plate of spring chicken. I tried to take my first cut at the thigh area again, but hey you know what? There’s no thigh meat! I was like, where is the meat? Isnt that suppose to be a half chicken? I didnt want to bother returning the chicken again, coz I had waited long enough and I was too hungry to wait. But i did ask our waitstaff if they actually gave me a new piece of chicken and he said yes.

    Let me tell you, they certainly did not!!!! They just cut out the whole meat frm the thigh, leaving the bone there, so it still looks like there is half a chicken, but the only meat I got was frm the wing. They covered the missing thigh part with sauce, so that ignorant people (which unfortunately I am not) cannot tell the difference! I was so pissed, but what can I do. There was no manager around, and the waitstaff (which I suspect dont know what the hell I was talking about) kept saying they gave me a new one.

    So Kenny, if you are reading this, do know that I still feel very cheated. Doesnt mean that I got a good deal for that set meal, Ecoba can be so unethical to do such a thing. It definitely doesnt even worth the deal of RM30++.

    I will definitely not dine at Ecoba again.

    PS: Please note that I do know what I am talking about. I am an ex-food blogger and am a very good homecook.

    And sorry Thirsty Blogger for using your space to make a complain. Cant even find any email to contact Ecoba directly.

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