Now everyone can smell like an alco

Well, a dirty alco. Checkdisout. Guinness, via Diageo, is gonna release an after-shave. Haha!

Called Eau D’Rugby (working name), it captures the true smell of Guinness, and rugby.

It mixes scents such as sweat, deep heat and mud, together with Guinness. Yuck.

I’d have thought it would be mainly Guinness, mixed with d good ol ‘pub aroma’ – u know, d sweet scents of stale beer, fried food, smoke, n sleaze.

U wanna smell like dis, drink more

U wanna smell n look like dis, drink more

I’ve done this – dabbed some whisky dat accidentally spilt onto my hand onto my cheeks. But come on, its whisky. Its 100% natural, n smells n tastes great!

Well, to me at least. And i think bourbon would make a tasty after-shave. Dont know wat d chics think of it tho.

But I dont know why anyone would wanna smell like he just got off the pitch after a sweaty game. Isnt dat d reason we hit d showers immediately after a game?

Who u tryin to attract huh? Flies?

Watever. I wish them luck.

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