Campari yo

Have never been too familiar with aperitifs, ie liqueur that are specially created to be taken before a meal, which induces appetite. To me, all booze are aperitifs!

Except absinthe.

Red juice

Italian red juice

Anyway, Campari, a bitter, is one of the better-known ones. I think i’ve had it before, but to make sure knocked quite a few back at an event organized by Campari’s distributor, Albert Wines & Spirits.

The distractions

The distractions

It went down at Vineria.IT, a restaurant n lounge at BSC, Bangsar. Was happy to see Ben behind d bar. He wasted no time gettin me wasted.

First on d list of three special cocktails for d evening was Apricot Negroska. Quite a drink. Starts lollipop-ish and ends with a bitter zing (when the Campari hits). There’s apricot jam in it! Haha. Awesome.


A perfect start to d evening. What a beau colour for a drink

The event was to launch the Campari Calendar, which is a limited edition special one, of which only 9,999 copies are made every year for d world. This 11th calendar is called Campari Milano.

Olga Kurylenko, some Ruskie i guess

Olga Kurylenko, some Ruskie calendar model i guess (December page)

Tho some take it neat, Campari is normally taken with soda or grapefruit juice. Its also an essential ingredient in certain cocktails.


Healthy or wat

Ben fixed one called Ginger & Citrus Gobbler – Campari, Skyy, acacia honey, Jamaican Root Beer, orange & grapefruit. Yummy and light-tasting.

With fellow alco Ben Bitch

With fellow alco Ben Bitch

By far my fave cocktail was d last – Campari 150. BTW, its also Campari’s 150th anniversary this year.

The 150 is Campari, Matusalem rum, lime juice & Monin passion fruit syrup. Awesome! I could drink dis baby all night n d next morning. The clincher is the rosemary sprig that hits your nose before each sip, giving that herbal aroma that goes perfectly with d mix.

D one dat got me there

D ones dat got me there

Never thought it was possible to get pretty whacked on aperitifs, but i did.

Hmm what we were doin?

Easy come, easy go

Brain damage: 7.5/10

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