Champy party

There was champagne comin outta my ears at August Man’s anniversary bash at Alexis, Gardens on Wed. My ex-Star buddy Rubin’s d editor. The mag’s only a year old, but celebrated in style! Champagne was sponsored by Mumm – 200 bottles worth!

The outlet is really cool, like d layout n design.

Hit Spaghetti Grill (03 2287-2220) at Megamall for a Guinness before i hit Alexis. Been advised dat they have super-chilled Guinness at cheap prices. They were right. An ice-cold pint from a frozen mug came up to $13.75 net. Sweet deal! All day all thru August. Not confirmed if they serve bottles, but bartender claims they do. A lil above $300 for a Captain Morgan.


Numero uno thirst quencher

Mad Max was with me at Alexis, unlike the last time, dis time he kept up with me, and was in fact ahead on d drinks at one point.

Nice drug

Nice, soluble drugs

Finger food. Yea!

Finger food. Yea!

Cool joint

Cool joint

U da man Mumm

U da man Mumm

Piss n wash

Pisser n washer

There was tons of bubbly. In fact, i washed my dick wit it after after every piss. Ticklish shit.

Me n Lynn (who's a hottie who downed a mini bottle like it wasnt there) n Adian's stoopid cacat hand

Senget with Lynn (who's a hottie) and who downed a mini bottle like it wasnt there n Adian's cacat hand

Fuck da police

My opinion of Malaysian pigs

Left after 200 bottles finito!

No! Come back u pink champagne!

No! Come back u pink champagne!

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