Dis post is dedicated to…

…u people who dont care about civil rights. And dedicated also to pro-government / pro-Nazi, right-wing losers. And those of u who bitched about the ‘traffic problems’ last weekend. Who bitched about being ‘inconvenienced’ by the personal sacrifice of others. Those of u who have never bothered to vote.

Chances are u will make no significant contribution to society or the human race.


Sure, dis is off-topic but sumtin important. Am sick of people who think they can go thru life without makin a stand. Goin thru life by being a goddam lallang. Swaying wherever. Unprincipled, spineless sotongs.

Increasingly, I find i have little respect for such ‘citizens’. Coz they lack substance and intellect. If they’re female, they’d be bimbos.

How do u respect people who are like superficial, selfish beings?

Pigs ready to feed

Pigs ready to feed last Saturday

Like i said on my FB, i  cant believe there’re still pricks n bitches out there who dont care what’s goin on around us. Unpatriotic losers.

Stop being pussies n make a stand against tyranny and Fascism.

Guys risking their liberties and lives out there for you, and you bitchin bout your stupid traffic problems?? Worried about being late for sum fuckin dinner or night out?

Jeez! How ridiculous is dat??

There are bigger things goin on.

Boleh laaa. Orang lain tak kisah kan...

Boleh laaa. Rakyat lain tak kisah kan...

It means d education system is fucked (what’s new?). And u have never been really educated. “U’ve been taught what to think, not how to think” (- George Jackson). It means u have never been exposed to varied opinions by intelligent Malaysians like Mr Yeo Yang Poh (whose letter is linked below). It means u dont know shit about Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela, or Gandhi, or Steve Biko, or Corazon Aquino, and HOW they achieved what they achieved. It took a lot, but they made it. Not by sittin on their fuckin asses. But by doin sumtin when things weren’t right. They were all very ordinary people, with the support of other ordinary people.

Did King abandon the cause after saying shit like “Daaaam niga, let’s ditch our struggle. We dowanna be causin no traffic man!”

Sure, there’ll be some pain, some ‘inconvenience’, some peaceful protestors’ blood spilt. It’s part of the process. It’s a society maturing. Evolving. Long overdue.

Our ability to think and evolve differentiates us from animals.

Whatever someone may argue, right and wrong is as clear as day and night.

For a start, u could maybe watch these movies and learn a thing or two about standing up:

1) Chicago 10
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9uJL7lWdFg&feature=fvst

2) Battle in Seattle
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbPufXnFOh8

And this localized parody, “First They Came“.

Hail Fuhrer!

Hail Fuhrer!

I’ve done my part, and will continue to do so even if i’m incarcerated.  I’ve even got a tear-gas canister for an ashtray, but it’s not about that.

They’ll shut me up when I decide i wanna shut up.

And anyone with minimal brains would have noticed that the so-called roadblocks weren’t even real roadblocks. The cops’ instructions were simple – make sure the main highways are reduced to single-lane roads. Did u see them even checking anything?? Did they arrest anyone?? No, junior offices just stood around and made sure the jams were bad. The cops were banking on dummies to blame the march as the cause of the two-day jam. So if u wanna bitch about d traffic, at least dont look like a dumbass n make sure u aim your comments at the right culprits.

Makin life difficult is easy, when ur Malaysian Police

Makin life difficult is easy, when ur Malaysian Police

The stupid ‘roadblocks’ obviously failed miserably – the march went on. So what were they really for??

(Times have changed – even readers of a mainstream paper like The Star support such marches – more than 70% agree in this poll.)

If u aint bothered about the country’s future, u may get out anytime. We dont need u. Malaysia sure does not need u. These people can follow the ‘coward’s trail’ to shitholes like Canada or Australia.

U dont deserve her citizenship.

U have a beautiful mind and body. Use it. And grow a spine.

Why do we protest? Simple answer: http://sun2surf.com/article.cfm?id=36441

READ IT. Know more about your country and its brave people.

'Collateral damage'

'Collateral damage'

Anyway, i truly believe we can make a change. It starts with me n YOU. This is YOUR country. Claim it.

I will NOT succumb nor submit to fuckin Fascists!

And pls dont pretend u dont know whats goin on, coz dats by far d MOST sad n lame excuse. U’ll be dissed if u say that these days. In plain language, ur sayin “Hmmm… Naa, I’ll let my kids deal with d problem some day.”

So either shaddup or do sumtin. Or u’ll die as an insignificant let-down to your kids’ future.

Coz wat issues u conveniently ignore now, u pass to them to suffer with. And it WILL be worse for them. That’s the truth.

I blame the previous generation’s inaction and apathy for most of the problems we’re facin now as a nation. But I’m not gonna be like them.

Dis post would have offended some of u, but my main intention was not to offend, but to awaken the latent and powerful spirit that’s in each one of us.

Our generation has to reclaim this country.

Or it’s lost for good.

When push comes to shove, punch

If push comes to shove, punch

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Che Guevara, International Revolutionary (1928-1967).

Power to the people!

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5 thoughts on “Dis post is dedicated to…

  1. Respect, man… I’v e seen public demonstration, with no trouble at all… The real trouble is the people who want to make it trouble for everyone else, hence associating protest with trouble, when it’s a legitimate expression of dissent.

  2. Some people are too comfortable or too worried abt the little things eg ur monthly salary, ur sick loved one in the hospital, feeding the children at home etc etc

    They gotta pull back and see that, all these could be better eg better health care, better welfare, better care for the ppl’s needs and that we need to let the govt know that we KNOW that it’s not a fact of life in Malaysia, but more like ppl just gives us substandard conditions!

  3. Yea i guess ur right. Too many people are happy with mediocrity. When they arent happy, they bitch.
    And probably dats all they’re ever capable of

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