Cocktails @ Desire

Had a cocktail-tasting session at Desire @ Manor (2691-3030), Heritage Row, KL. The outlet opened three months ago, and has already hosted several parties.

The Manor

Now there’s a list of 350 cocktails! I was invited to try some last Thursday, not all obviously. Should have brought my sleeping bag and some rations – 50 cocktails a day, i could be in and out of there within a week.

The cocktail list is separated by cocktail types – aperitifs, long drinks, shooters, classics and frozens.

The intro drink turns out to be Brain Hemorrhage. Its not as sick as it sounds, although it looks like an alien foetus.  Its a shooter – a mix of Kahlua, Peach Schnapps, Baileys and Grenadine. A very pleasant and easy drink to shoot.

My first long drink is a Tequila & Tomato – tequila, tomato juice, lime juice & tabasco. A lil like a Bloody Mary, but better, to me at least. I guess it’s a tangy version. Pretty spicy. Tequila & tabasco combine well – in fact it’s also a common shooter. Tex-Mex shit.

Weekend special


The Weekender is a mix of Malibu, dark rum, banana liqueur, Grenadine, orange juice & ginger ale. Sounds very tropical and flavourful. There might have been too much mixer, so it was a lil bland for me.

Hit a Caipirinha, a classic of Cachaca, brown sugar & lime. Refreshing, sour, bitter and sweet at d same time.

Suck on dat

Then comes the Blow Job, a classic shooter. Baileys, Kahlua, Creme de Banana & whipped cream. Ur supposed to use only your mouth to lift the glass and swallow the contents. Can get pretty messy. Obviously a nice-tasting drink.

I enjoyed this shooter called Black Forest – Kahlua, Baileys, Cherry Brandy. You could have a few of these without blinking. And its got a classy ruby-red hue.

My cherry

Am not into frozen cocktails, mainly coz they seem to take days to thaw. But had to go for the Brown Cow. Also, coz i feelin totolly tropikal marn. This is rum, Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao and chocolate ice-cream. Niice.

Great dessert drink. An alco-slurpee. The chocolate and mint liqueur is just a perfect blend in terms of taste, while the rum provides da boost.

Unfortunately i had to leave early.

Mmmm...... chocolate

Daaaaaamn. I was just gettin warmed-up. Other stuff that caught my eye were another dessert, Frozen Banana Mama (rum, dark rum, banana liqueur, coconut, pineapple juice and strawberries), Jamaican Dust (rum, Tia Maria, pineapple juice), Bangkok Special (vodka, rum, gin tequila, Midori, Cointreau, ginger ale), Harbour Lights (shooter: tequila, spiced rum, Kahlua) and shitloads more.

Prices (nett) for all drinks are $26.45. There’s happy hour for beer buffet (6pm-9pm): $50 net for Carlsberg, $130 for Hoegaarden, daily but closed Mondays. The outlet is for dining as well.

Decked out

The Manor consists of Desire, O Walk and The Terrace. Party section Desire is a nice-lookin joint. Pretty stylish and cosy too. There’s a generous & tasteful application of glass, with a cool semi-outdoor lounge.

If ur into deep/funk-house, I’d definitely recommend Tim Coates, who’s on deck Fridays. There’s also this Aussie freestyle chick, Jamain MC who’s launching her single on Thursday. Heard her belt out some rhymes. Pretty good. She’s featured on an MOS album.

Take your pick

Cocktail fans can check out their list at the bar.


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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