The Beer Factory

The Beer Factory (6141-6450) is a bar which opened recently at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. No, its not an actual factory, but uses that as a theme.

It’s got two floors (the upper one is called The Attic) and an outdoor area, which will be renovated into a garden theme soon.

Factory visit

One of the guys there, Kent, invited me over to check it out. And hit some of their house cocktails, with the help of head barman Daniel.

After a pint of Franziskaner, Daniel came to our table to set-up. There were mixers, flammable thermogel, a stove, a pan and Jack Daniel’s.


Then he got busy. He started to cook something right there. It looked like frying.

Oi! Main masak-masak ah??

Barman Daniel cookin up

It’s a cooked cocktail called Take Me Home –  whisky, rum, Triple Sec, chocolate cubes, strawberry puree, cranberry juice & sweet ‘n sour. I fuckin loved it, coz it went down real easy, with a candy-like flavour. The chocolate bits was d clincher. It will hit u for $63.25 net (two servings).


He proceeded to make us Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea ($40.25), with strawberry puree and crushed strawberries. Pretty strong. Some adjustment in strawberry flavour might be required if u prefer it sweeter. Its also available in a giant tumbler for $172.50.

Bastardized long island

The bar also serves Erdinger draft

There are five signature cocktails.

Beers on tap are Carlsberg, Hoegaarden, Connor’s, Erdinger, Fraziskaner and Stella, with prices ranging from $17.25 to $34.50, while happy hours are until 12am daily for now, and will revert to 10pm sometime in d future. Operation hours are 5pm to 2am daily.

There’re also about 30 bottled beers. At the mo, there’re bar snacks, but there’ll be more when the outlet’s launched & the kitchen’s fully in op.

Bottles are available – JW Black ($333.50 net), Absolut ($264.50), J Daniel’s ($310.50), Bacardi ($264.50, Jose Cuervo ($264.50).

Drinks list

The upper floor lounge, Attic

There’re promo prices for drinks during the World Cup.

Soon (probably mid-July), there will be a competition, Chapter 1, involving Erdinger. It’s 3-liters, 3 persons, 3 minutes, 3 Cemeteries, 300 bucks. Three of u will be given 3 minutes to down a HUGE fucking glass of Erdinger, followed by a cocktail each. Buy-in is $300 (pretty steep).  The winning team gets a 30-liter keg of Carlsberg.

The overall grand prize winner over the several months will win a year’s supply of booze. More details u better call ’em.

Hmmm. If beer weren’t so gassy, might give it a shot. The gas build-up is fuckin puky. It aint so bad with a weissbier tho. And a year’s supply of booze might kill me. Nice way to die eh.

But still my rep will drop if i end up spraying beer on spectator’s faces/shoes. Uncool.

Big daddy awaits - the 3-liter glass (next to a pint glass)

Drinks list

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7 thoughts on “The Beer Factory

  1. So if I got you right – the comp means 1 person gets 1 minute to down 1 litre Erdinger plus a cocktail … I feel confident I can do this. Hmm ..

  2. I tried a one litre glass here in Munich, and couldn’t finish it in 30 minutes, let alone one.

    And after paying only abt 6 euros for a fucking LITRE of beer here, I don’t think I can ever go back to paying RM30+ for that stuff.

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