B..b..but I luv u Rosa baby

Came upon this piece about this hot Jap chick. Her name’s Rosa, and her stats are 35-23-32.

She’s cute, cuddly and stands at 155cm.

Rosa has “a hairless ‘boing-type’ body-hole”. Aka pussy.

She’s d latest bitch coz her body is seamless in the joint areas, being silicone n all.

None of ’em latex crap. Dats yesterday. D future is silicone. Her silicone breasts are also soft and realistic, and so is her skin. It’s smooth and does not feel like latex when touched / fucked.

High-priced body-hole gang-bang

Fuckdatshit. A lil too kinky for me.

Japs are strange. Probably d most schitzo society i know.

They’re all polite n proper n decent but under d surface lies some crazy desire for sexual adventure. In a way, itz cool. Just coz ur nice n courteous dont mean u cant be open about yor perversions.

Anyway, these love dolls aka Candy Girls are big time shit. The latest model (Rosa) will set u back about 20 grand. Bitch.

There’s spare parts like spare pussy for US$160.

There was dis interview with sum dude who has a room full of ’em. He’s spent more than half a million so far on his babes!

Dude watches TV with them, & bathes them n shit.

He’s one of an increasing number of Japanese men who have givun up on dating and marrying women in the real world. “He turns to his dolls for love, affection and sex.” It’s known as agalmatophilia.

Checkitout –

Fuckin hell. How is dat possible? Am sure he has ‘conversations’ with them too, and breaks up fights between them.


I mean wat next?? Would the guys actually start goin out with them? Take em out on dates n drives. Take em to d park?

My friend Fadly said there’s a great movie about a guy who goes out with a doll, called Lars & the Real Girl. Will have to get it.

I guess d upside is i could open a whorehouse here n it would be completely legit! Coz technically, its not prostitution coz it aint human. The cops can’t bust me for pimpin.

Imagine that. I’d be a doll pimp!

My street nick would probably be ‘Rubbers’.

Or Rub-A-Dub. Coz ‘Dollie’ is worse.

How bout Manny Queen?

There could be a fuckin franchise of doll whorehouses all over d city in all d hoods n suburbs. I could make millions.

But its probably cheaper to buy real hookers.

Damn. I dreamt was standing near kl tower. Looked up n saw chunks of
concrete coming from d top. Looked s,all, until they landed. My buddy
took off. I was fascinated. Until And they started landing real close
to me. Fuckin start of an earthquake
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10 thoughts on “B..b..but I luv u Rosa baby

  1. they said.. the difference between real and fake gf is that..

    u blow the fake gf
    real gf blows u

    guess these silicon shit just made that joke outdated -__-

  2. haha! this is hilarious! your idea was kinna sick though. wouldnt work out cause dodgy men/women/whatever would go for lorong haji punya prostitutes for rm20. there goes your high-end business..

    • Haha. Yea wdnt work here coz cheap-ass hookers are very affordable.
      Blow-ups are for amateurs KY. And forget Skype. Next they’ll probably have dolls/robots where u can hook-up to your PC n shag someone across d net. Senses attached to your body n your fren’s body will mimic your moves and and make d dolls move correspondingly. Its like chat, but with physical action. A sex version of online Wii. Haha

  3. Yah there’s another really creepy documentary about Real Dolls, the first company that made these kinda body realistic sex dolls. It’s morbidly interesting and freaky at the same time.

    It’s a BBC show called “Guys and Dolls” check it out.

  4. Cdnt find that one. Maybe i’ll just get d movie.
    This shit’s a condition known as agalmatophilia – “Sexuoerotic arousal from or attraction to statues and models of nude human beings (including mannequins).”

  5. I got the movie somewhere….haha….will pinjam u when i found it…ryan gosling the actor actually imagined that the doll (his gf) is alive…He think that girl could actually walk and is talking to him.. Oh well, at least he’s faithful to one doll…haha

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