Glenmorangie rockin’

Glenmorangie threw a coupla cool parties for single malt fans recently, starting with the Orange Night.

D party went down at The Pool, this new joint that features…. a pool.

Party on

It’s part of its current campaign, with Glenmorangie described as Unnecessarily Well-Made. It’s a single malt whisky from the Highlands area in Scotland, and is the number one single malt in that country.

It’s a special whisky as after being matured in bourbon oak barrels, some variants spend additional years is Sherry casks, imparting complex and unique flavours. It pioneered this extra-maturation process.


The Pool party was very orange, titled Retro Funk. There was also a special mix of Glenmorangie with orange peel. (glenmorange’s taste profile includes citrusy notes) – the Zest Serve, a sculptural serving stand which creates an infusion of orange zest with the whisky.

I prefer it as it is.


A couple of people including the MC got dunked into the pool! Dats why u have a pool-side party – u gotta have some swimming.

Turnout was good. Malaysia’s Glenmorangie Facebook page was also launched.

Drinkin n spinin. Fun

This was followed by another gig a few weeks later – the Soundform Fluid Bar Showcase, @ the North Atrium of Gardens. The specially-designed bar by architect and interior designer Philip Michael Wolfson  is supposed to represent the flow of sounds when Glenmorangie is poured into a glass.

It’s a striking design, with built-in speakers that really kick some bass.

Fluid Bar

Mixologist Ben Ng was in the mix, giving tasting sessions. It was strange but nice drinking in d middle of a mall, among shoppers.

Ben in action

The party soon moved upstairs to Vertigo, where a couple of guys in NASA suits were on decks, Manufactured Superstars.  They rocked d house, the crowd had a blast.


Glenmorangie is actually the best-awarded single malt in 2011’s International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC). Their whiskies have won a grand total of 18 ‘Gold Best in Class’ medals over the past five years at the IWSC.

The Golds went to Glenmorangie Original, Nectar D’Or, 18 Years Old, Quarter Century and Signet. Quite a wide range.

No wonder it’s a popular Scotch, and now with its rockin parties, pretty cool as well.

Up up and away...

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