Best Blog 2009

COCKTALES is the winner as Best Blog, in “The Best of 2009” by JUICE magazine. Haha! Unexpected, as i didnt enter any contest, and am very new to dis shit. I consider myself a drinker, not a blogger.

I guess not givin a fuck helps!

Coming from THE party mag, its an honour.

Maybe i shd throw a lil party. Any excuse right? I would, if a bar / liquor company sponsors it. Haha

Funny, but a search on Google for “alcohol blogger” gives this blog as the first result. Not sure why! I would have tot there’d be many scammers like me around d world workin this gig.

Watever. Am enjoying myself thus far.

My local pub won Best Pub 2009 – Sid’s Pub TTDI. Congrats!

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11 thoughts on “Best Blog 2009

  1. Maybe I’m just one of those unlucky ones… but i had a really bad experiance the last time i frequent Sid’s TTDI 2 months back.
    Firstly I ordered Heineken and they brought me Tiger. then the staff refuse to pour the beer and he claims he doesn’t know how to (are u kidding me?!). my friends and i are pretty unhappy by then and we wanted to leave and it took them half an hour to bring us the bill (only after we ask a senior staff/owner,who’s not in staff uniform)

    • Thanks guys.
      Re Sids, thats bad. My main complaint is that the Guinness is not served cold enough (it’s warm in five minutes) and the music is not even audible. Re pouring for customers, they have this weird policy that staff are not allowed to pour out drinks for customers at the table / bartop. Its DIY

  2. Woi, congrats and cheers! First of Google is not easy!

    Time to consider switching your host to a faster server, more and more followers are jammin’ up ur blog!

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