Politician wants to ban drinks in public

Yup, some clueless government official is at it again.

A new issue has just appeared that will definitely affect us all permanently. A politician wants to ban us from having a drink in any public place. This means you can’t step out of your house perimeter with a drink in your hand anymore. This would mean you can’t have a drink when you’re chilling outdoors in public places, whether during a bbq, at the beach, at a picnic, and at a restaurant or bar with outdoor seating, football games, etc, etc.

Once you allow governments and politicians to start taking away your freedom like that, there’s no stopping them. The religious fanatics will join in try to ban drinks from other places as well, and also ban who knows what else. Because once mindless banning starts, it tends to go further and further.

His main issue is drinking at playgrounds. Agreed, that shouldn’t be allowed. As far as i know, it’s already not allowed, but where is the enforcement?

Already the cops and DBKL etc, abuse their powers, and this guy wants to give them even MORE power?? A very silly idea that will affect us from now till forever.

The only time to say something is now. No use bitching later.

I suggest you make your opinion clear politely at the politician’s FB page below.


You can post a comment at the link to the news article on the page.

Pls share this with your friends, on FB, etc.

Thanks, and good luck.

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