Scotland. Aye!

Found myself in Scotland last week, courtesy of Moet Hennessy. Five-star treatment all d way.

Rode the Airbus A380 for d first time. Upstairs, coz we cruised bihniz class! Awesome seats.

Now ur talkin!

Anyway, the 5 of us were primarily there to check out the Glenmorangie distilllery and chill at the Glenmorangie House for a few days.

There was Sam, Dax (The Hill), Douglas Lim (comedian) and Karen (Moet Hennessy Malaysia). Quite a bunch. We sure had a ball! Food was great, and drinks too of course.

Did d tourist thing, Edinburgh Castle. Unfortunately they were outta gunpowder


Come ‘ere u goddam rabbit!

Swallowed local ales whenever i had d chance

It was bloody snowing when we landed at Islay! In d background is the smallest airport i seen in awhile

Sampling the fine stuff at Ardbeg’s distillery, Islay

Puttin on my ‘tasting face’

Dined at Jamie Oliver’s in Glasgow

Then hit d streets for a spot to quench thirst

Squeezed in some clubbing. A beer was a buck sixty

D pad for one nite in Glasgow

Streets of Glasgow, with some sunlight, finally!

And as we pushed into the Highlands, snow. Same day as d previous pix

Made it to d Glenmorangie House. Yup, same day. Chilled n partied for three days here

Karen layaning a shot of… Glenmorangie’s spring water

Gosh, this is gettin a lil long, coz a lot more to go. Will have to do a Part 2. And 3.

Meanwhile, there’ll be a kick-ass Glenmorangie party next Friday (April 20), and u can win tickets to d party as well as a bottle of the superb Glenmorangie Astar right here. Check back on Monday night for that.

Never did make it to Rude’s gig. Next time brotha!

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