was pretty fun.

Loads of stuff went on. Such as:

Hit Laos for the second time...


Alcon rocked da house, all over the media..

The best chocolate / dessert mountain i ever seen, Traders Hotel 5th Anniversary

Did KK..

And Langkawi

Mac Daddy went in for a pimp-up

And Bersih street party

Party Season was heavy.

Did a bush bbq party

Carlsberg had a rockin Oktoberfest, cooler than Where's the Party 2..

Hit Thirst

Threw a morning party for my birthday at El Meson

Popped this bottle

Hennessy had a kick-ass, fat-cat dinner, with amazing surround screens

Chilled at Esquire's contributors rooftop party

Spotted a UFO in Paulie's car

My bro's birthday party..

A girl in a tree..

Rocked it with Grandmaster Flash..

Ended it all in KK, again, tho i doubt am goin back there anymore. Scene has gone downhill/boring

I deserve a break.

2012? Well, who knows watsup. Lots of talk about it being the finale, for humans maybe.

In fact, my column in Esquire this month is about that – how to spend the final day before that doomsday date in December. A one-day guide on how to party-up in style from noon, and basically drink yourself to death at exactly midnight. Check it out. Haha


Brain damage: 8/10

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