French Scotch?

Michel Couvreur is a range of single-malt Scotch whiskies. But it’s done in Burgundy, France, by a Belgian. Seriously.

It’s what i’d call a craft-liquor. Everything (including labelling and bottling) is done by hand, thus the quantity is limited. In fact, every bottle is signed by Michel himself, who started this business in 1964 in France’s wine country.

Cool bottles

He sources the raw whisky from various distilleries in Scotland, then ages them in France in sherry casks, in a 5,000-year-old village called Bouze, which is supposedly the origin of the word booze. Haha. The guy has an underground cave-cellar that stretches for two kilometres!

Luckily for us, there’s some of his booze available here now.

We had a tasting session. I was impressed by these whiskies. Obviously Michel takes a lot of care and pride, coming up with eight varieties. He personally goes to Portugal and Spain to select and book each sherry cask, showing his commitment, considering he’s already 85 years old.


The Grain Whisky (ABV 44%) is the most basic one, with a floral nose and a dry, lightly-sweet taste. Aged more than 12 years is the Overaged Malt (ABV: 43%). I found this creamy and a little smoky.

Also quite old (over 12) is the Pale Single Single (45%), with a tangy, in-your-face aroma, altho in the mouth, it displays a very well-rounded flavour. A crowd favourite.

The Fleeting Single Cask (45%) is aged 15 years. Aromas of sherry, with a light-tasting woodiness. My fave was the Blossoming Auld Sherried Over 17 Years (45%). It has a nose of wood and leather, and a palette of smoke, wood and sherry. Awesome.

The dark-rum colour of this whisky is because of its 17 years in sherry casks.

The darkest whisky i've ever seen/had

Prices range between $250 and $600. Well worth a try, especially for single-malt junkies.

With eight varieties, i feel there’s a whisky for everyone, but all whiskies by Michel are very drinkable and interesting in their own way. Great stuff.

Bottle caps are sealed over with hot wax

A video i watched showed the waxing process goin down. The bottle’s tops were being dipped into a bucket of hot wax by a coupla old aunties in what looked like a kitchen in a barn.

Underground shit.

Impressed by these unheard-of whiskies

Michel hasn’t bothered with a website or shit like that, since there isn’t much produced anyway. It’s sold mostly to cigar clubs and private customers.

It’s brought in by Luen Heng. Go get ’em.

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