Alcon’s in dahaus!

Alcon has officially launched!

It’s been a journey that began in October last year very urgently and informally. And now, with  5,000 members (one of our launch objectives), Alcon ( is ready to step-up and take it further.

The Alcohol Consumer-Rights Group Malaysia launch happened Saturday afternoon, at Souled Out Cafe in Sri Hartamas. The weather was chilled n perfect, as the rain had stopped in time for d party.

We were treated to loads of Guinness and Tiger Draughts, courtesy of GAB. A good crowd of about 200 members showed up.

Food was pretty awesome.

Crowd havin fun

Biresh MC-ed for us, another volunteer-resource among Alcon membership’s many talents. Another member Khang, who’s a good artist, designed the new logo, also pro bono. And G2 handled the media, on the house. Thanks Vivian & crew!

Well, speeches at Alcon events aren't that serious. Drink break

After i did a short speech on our next steps, etc, it was time for laughter. Douglas Lim was ridiculous! His stand-up comedy had everyone laughing their nuts off. Dude sure knows how to work the crowd.

He had some good yellow jokes

Then blues-rockers Rollin Sixers took d stage (also patriots for the cause and Alcon members, so no charge of course). The boys didnt disappoint, with a stylish one-hour set.


We’re lookin at gettin more media and online coverage over the next few weeks and months. Any help / contacts here would be welcome. It’s already out in The Sun here and a Chinese paper over the last few days. Will update re media coverage in d future.

The start of something interesting

Pre-event, we had support from bloggers like Shaolin Tiger, Eyeris, BeerBeer, JUICE Online, Adoi mag, and a few others.

Consumers in Sabah want us to do an event there as well. Haha.

Thank you for those who helped. You know who you are! And even if all u did was add your drinking friends into the Alcon FB group, thanks.

Thanks also to S’mores in Bangsar South, which form the start, offered the outlet for free for Alcon’s event, with food thrown in. However, we needed a large outlet and did it in Souled Out. S’mores has some really good promos, like $15 nett for a pint of Strongbow on certain days. S’mores is a supporter of Alcon. Check it out.

Unfortunately most outlets weren’t supportive of our efforts last year, and i dont expect them to change this year. Maybe they dont want people to know that they mark-up their drinks by up to 300 percent! They’re also guilty as the government for the situation alcohol consumers face.

But you know what, support among consumers has been great! I guess once people are aware of the issues (most aren’t), they’re all for it. Some even get upset. So it’s only a matter of time, and this issue could snowball.


So join the fight here. (Our Group page has 5,000+ members, but we’ve just created this Fan page). To know more, click Info on that page.

Anybody wants to be on the Alcon committee, pls contact me.

With Kennhyn (Vice-President) and Min Jie (Alcon Taxation Consultant). Hmmm. I think we'll also need a mascot soon. Homer? Haha

Phase 1 is underway, Phase 2 happens soon.

Among the alcohol companies in Malaysia, Guinness Anchor Bhd has been very supportive of us consumers and our launch. All you drinkers in the country owe them one!


Brain damage: 8/10

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