Guinness FES old TV ad

This is some 80’s shit, when it was ok to confess on national TV that “Guinness Stout is good for you.”

REAL men, none of ’em plastic-eyed sissies u get these days, working their butts off to prevent d end of the world caused by a leaky pipe. Everyone could have fuckin drowned man. They’re heroes.

Dudes averted some major Armageddon crisis, then rewarded themselves after quitin time with Guinness. Haha! They should have bought the crowbar a drink.

Howdahell – they were wearing the same clothes later, but it was completely dry.

It was done in Malaysian too! Awesome. “Guinness Stout, Baik Untuk Anda.” Sgotta catchy tune.

Dunno watdefuck they doin tho. Shovin coal or sumtin.

Well, alcohol advertising hasnt changed much. Same ol over-screwed theme – u done well / u scaled new heights / reward yourself blah blah blah.

Right. Thanks. Gimme sumtin bold & fresh guys.

Anyway, I always say the 80’s were creativity’s dark ages, especially with entertainment, music, the arts and design. Am talkin bout everything from cars, movies, music and fashion.

I rest my case right here!

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