Booze bus!

Its really rare that u ride a bus that takes u from bar to bar for free drinks all evening! That’s what i did in conjunction with St Patrick’s.

It was the Malone’s Bus Tour, a bar crawl dat began at Malone’s The Curve, on to Malone’s KLCC, then Pavillion, and finally Malone’s Sentral for a full-on St Patrick’s party. Phew! Nice.

Wristbands all set

It was a sweet deal. 100 bucks for free Guinness Draughts at all four Malone’s outlets, and some food too.

As i was concerned about downtime in between bars, I did expect draught on d bus too, but at least there wuz ice-cold Guinness FES.

Ahh, first beer of d evening


All aboard!


For d ride


The party bus had a musician to entertain on board, Arif


The intoxicated mob charges into KLCC


Arif gets busy @ Malone's KLCC


Bus gets rowdier


Topping up, Pavillion


Oi! Curi glass ah?


The booze bus crew

It was a unique experience and I had a great night. Malone’s might even do it again.

A few days later, checked out Sid’s Kenny Hills outdoor St Patrick’s party, with Guinness at five bucks a cup.



Greenman got lost


Some bush session


Guinness pint got high on his own supply


Watdehell! Guinness 'tower'


Brain damage: 8/10

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