A peek at The Hill

Hit a new outlet on Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, KL.

Its called The Hill (016 229-1505), and is a converted fat-cat bungalow. The place is a pad, and is restaurant/bar. Location here.

Some pictures from Saturday night:


Some corridor

To the loos

Outdoor seating

Gettin there


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9 thoughts on “A peek at The Hill

  1. I went there a couple of times. I have to say that the jockey guys are extremely rude and no manners. They dont allow us to park by the roadside but its ok when we pay them? To me it seems they are just taking over the area which are not belong to them in the first place. It would make sense when the residents around making a big fuss about this (considering their attitude and bad manners). I wonder how are the residents dealing with these thugs especially when they have visitors that have to park outside their house.

    They claimed they have parking space in one of the buildings, so stick to it. Charge with minimal flat charges because anyway if we park there using their jockeys, obviously we are their customers. Dont have to be rich or famous to get the privileges to park in front of their restaurant.

    Bad food, slow service, bad attitude staff. Not going there anymore.

  2. Cant stand valet wankers. They dont belong in this day and age anymore. Their attitude and stupidity is out of date and incompatible with today’s entertainment scene. Some outlets need to wake up as consumers are more demanding and not as stupid these days.
    Whether they like it or not, outlet owners are responsible for valet staff, and if your car is damaged in whatever way bcos you took ‘their’ spot, make sure you claim compensation from outlets.

  3. -Poor Service
    -Bad manners
    -Waiting for 20mins to return my car
    -At last? Ended up with crashed-car in return
    -Excuses a lot, different parties involved
    -Refused to pay me even every parties know what’s going on

    *Definitely won’t go for second time

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