One year bash

Went down at The Pier in Tmn Tun.

Pretty insane. I was more smashed at dis anniversary than d blog launch itself.

Mari mari!

Thanks to Michael, the manager at The Pier, and Riche Monde, for sponsoring a case of Smirnoff Black. Wouldnt have been possible without them.
Dat afternoon, after sorting out 15 coconuts, we were at The Pier, kickin off with beers.

Early Birds Club consisted of i, my bro, Henry, Ovidia & Mark.

EBC in session, 530pm

Made a shitload of punch then started more serious drinking, as Mark walks in with a special bottle of Bundaberg Overproof Rum.

Proud daddy

Proud daddy

At 1.125 liters and 57.5% ABV, it’s a proper kick in da ass. Last time he gave me a bottle it was a Cordon Bleu!

No idea wtf a polar bear has gotta do with anythin

Warmin up

Party officially started at 7, but by then they were quite a few people already gettin senget. Number one drink was d Bundaberg and Kelapa Rock. There was tons of coconut water to go with the Smirnoffs, so am assuming this and d punch got most folks wasted.

Kelapa or Kepala? Both oso can


Russian punch!

Russian punch!


Guests start to pour in. No sweat. By keeping the set-up mostly self-service, i didnt have to do much, cept drink!

Special guest stars of d nite, Trish & Mo, my sista's twins

After we went thru 12 bottles of Smirnoff Black (tx Shirley!), a bottle of Bundaberg, three bottles of moonshine, a bottle of Bombay Sapphire (tx Louise), a case of Stella (tx Jess), a litre of Glenfiddich (tx bro), a liter of Famous Grouse, five liters of cider, and a bottle of Blavod, d party was rockin!

I mean, dats 20 bottles.

The Pier’s snacks helped us along. Especially the calamari rings! They’re said to serve some mean grilled tiger prawns too.

Michael, the manager, tried to shove a Flaming Lamborghini into me, but i deflected it to birthday boy Max. Sorry cant layan dat drink.

With Anni, d nite's photographer. Thankfully dis time d 'official' photographer didnt collapse, like at d blog launch

Black vodka

Dont recall d party ending! According to reports i moved on to Sid’s and had a couple of pints of Guinness before heading home, totalled! Haha. I think my stomach has grown by a few inches.

Thanks everyone who contributed, and those who partied! See yall at d next event (will think of sumtin!)



Brain damage: 9/10

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