Speedzone = Noboozezone

The Speedzone ‘children’s party’ at Genting last Saturday had no booze. Haha! Just like their last one at KL Tower.

So glad i didnt go then . Feel sorry for those who went all the way there and got conned. Imagine being at a party and being forced to remain sober – all night.

Thing is, the kind of unprofessional and unethical people who are behind these events dont even have the BALLS to announce on their promo material and on the websites that its an alcohol-free event. Watdefuck.

Even if u ask.

I’m definitely NEVER going for any Speedzone events. Ever. Fuckin waste of time. Same goes for ‘Freedom‘ events.

These people need to grow up.

Booze-free events are for little teens.

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4 thoughts on “Speedzone = Noboozezone

  1. Yea. No booze in Speedzone are like goin to a Tea Dance..Hehehehe…
    But the thing is I notice on the event without the booze ,most of the ppl resort to “trippin” to the other stuff which much more ILLEGAL in this country, which is much more HARMFUL than BOOZE…Pea-BRAINED GOMENS!

  2. Yup! Its so dumb. Legal & safe stuff is not allowed, but illegal drugs is fine! Almost everyone at such events are on chemical narcotics. So why not serve booze?

  3. get cheated by this fuck up event. waste my time and fuel getting up genting only got know no alcohol is served !!! WTF !!!
    only served mineral water, red bull & coke … !!
    those young crowds all seems to be high on drugs…

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