huggaz launched

Booze accessory & gift brand huggaz launched last week at The Poolside Terrace at The Club, PJ.

8pm my ass. Went on till 11

8pm my ass. Went on till 11

It was the media launch actually. Kicked off at 5pm, with ice-cold beers – all served in huggaz of course, to ensure they remain ice cold.

Henry enjoying his drink (pix by Joyce Wong)

Henry enjoying his chilled drink (pix by Joyce Wong)

Didnt take many pix unfortunately. Busy partying n shit.

The beer koozies / coolers / stubby holders are available for both cans and bottles, while the wine carriers (Wino Series) are for single or double wine bottles. All products are made of high-quality neoprene, as opposed to soft foam, which is ol skool shit. Neoprene is the dive-suit material. Durable and efficient.

It’s good, coz there’s nothing worse than a warm beer, especially once you’ve had more than half. Unprotected beers warm up real quick in our weather.



Handy stuff for festivals, house parties, BBQs, events and beaches. It really says what the tagline claims – Cool till the last sip! And quality is high.

huggaz can koozies, known as the Road Series (3.5mm neoprene), are foldable ones, and come in six designs, with six new designs coming in April. They cost ten bucks a piece.

All products can be customized for events, or parties like weddings.

The merchandize are machine-washable too.

huggaz Peaceout

huggaz Peaceout


Che & Cubano

Che & Cubano. Lakota (double-barrel wine carrier) in the back


The Bomb Series are four designs meant for beer bottles. These come with zippers so they’re well-sealed.







The wine carrier bags are handy as gifts, especially when you show up at a party with wine. Keeps the wine cold for pretty long, so from fridge to commuting to consumption, it remains chilled n ready to drink. Four designs in total.

Towa from Wino Series

Towa from Wino Series

The Phat Series can koozies (thicker 5mm neoprene) will be launched at a later date.

International festival organizers Future Music and huggaz have collaborated to create two limited edition designs, which will only be sold officially at Future Music Festival Asia this week:

Night Lion






Customizations have also been done by Wine Talk Malaysia (wine carriers) and blogger Kinky Blue Fairy (can koozies).

huggaz now has five partner outlets where u’d be able to get your own piece and ”Stay Cool”:


1. Village Grocer, Bangsar Village, KL

– retails huggaz bottle and can koozies as well as wine carriers

2. Ben’s Independent Grocer, Publika, KL

– retails huggaz wine carriers

3. Ales & Lagers, Publika, KL

– retails huggaz bottle & can koozies

4. The Food Company, 108 Jln Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI, Kl

– retails huggaz bottle & can koozies

5. Shiraz, 3 Jln SS3/37, University Garden, PJ

– retails huggaz bottle and can koozies as well as wine carriers


Or purchase  online at, with free shipping for RM50 & above.

All products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The huggaz FB page is here, while Instagram is here.

huggaz Smiley - comin next

huggaz Smiley – comin next!


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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