Drinking & puking

Somebody put this funny video up on Alcon’s FB page. A comedian, Jim Breuer, talks about why you puke after drinking.


His theory is funny, and uses the analogy of your gut/stomach as a club. Watch the whole thing.

Some say alcohol and puking come hand-in-hand. I disagree.

I dont know how much u gotta drink to puke. I think it’s a personal variable. Either way it’s been awhile since i let spray. It’s actually a non-issue.

I think it’s a matter of practice. If u drink often enough, side-effects like puking, stomach issues and hangovers actually lessen. I’m a case-study.

When you reduce your fun boozing sessions, you lose out — in two ways. One, you reduce your fun boozing sessions.

Two, when you do drink, you’re a lightweight / toilet bowl hugger / hangover magnet. (For hangover cures etc, you can refer to these posts here.)

So to stay away from nasty surprises, keep drinkin!

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