Ban on open drinking soon

Damn. The Malaysia govt plans to come down on drinking in public, ie anywhere dat’s outside a designated F&B joint/area.


A brewery contact informed me over the weekend that the law is already being drafted. WTf man. Without any consultation?? They shd have at least spoken to industry players and Alcon before comin out with stupid-ass rules.

This means we wdnt be able to drink booze at beaches, picnics, parks, riversides, outdoor events, maybe even in your own cars, and probably bbqs too (unless u doin it within the garden of your house). Dats boooshit man. I aint gonna take it quietly. Alcon‘s gonna get involved and stir sumtin up. Stay tuned..

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2 thoughts on “Ban on open drinking soon

  1. One year ago, someone starts a doggie brothel and now this?? What the hell is wrong with this country, man?

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