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Thanks to my buddy Michael, i had the opportunity to try an ultra premium tequila, called Kah, which comes in amazing, hand-painted bottles!

Kah translates to ‘life’ in Mayan. Being Mexican (obviously), the bottles are inspired by the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Sounds fun.

The taste session was at Circus in KL. There were three variants for us to try – Kah Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. Kah is a lowland tequila, unlike brands like Don Julio that are highland, so it tends to be more herbal-y.



The Blanco (ABV 40%) comes in white bottles, inspired by Calaveras (skulls made from sugar) which are given to friends and family, and they’re invited to ‘eat their own death’, to acknowledge that death is nothing but a passing from this life into the next. Cool.

I found the Blanco to be silky-smooth, with ‘greenish’ herbal notes. It starts easy, with a lil bite in the middle, and a long, bitter-sweet finish.

L-R: Anejo, Reposado, Blanco

L-R: Anejo, Reposado, Blanco

Of course, there’s no salt or lime involved when u drink tequilas like these neat.

The Reposado (ABV 55%) obviously has some colour, as it’s aged for 10 months in barrels. At 55%, this is the strongest tequila I’ve had! Ever. It hit me as spicy and citrus-y, and it mosdef don’t feel like a 55. Awesome.

Reposado guy could use a nose  job

Reposado guy could use a nose job

Kah Anejo (ABV 40%) is aged in Amercian oak for a massive 2 years, which is long for a tequila. This one gave out a nose of chocolate. It tastes sweetish, with caramel notes. Very pleasant.

Tequila is not a drink to be slammed. Well, it is, but not necessarily. It’s originally to be sipped. The good stuff, for sure, like the 100% agave tequilas. Or mezcal. Yummy.

Anejo, Blanco and Reposado, all smiles

Anejo, Blanco and Reposado, all smiles

Kah is not only a smooth sipping tequila, but one that comes in cool individually-numbered bottles, adorned with exquisite motifs drawn from Latin American history and culture. Every bottle is different.  The bottles would be great for collectors. Right now, u can get it at Circus.


Too much tequila leads to.. sexytime

Too much tequila leads to.. sexytime


Brain damage: 7/10



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