The Hill relaunches menu

The Hill in Damansara Heights has relaunched their cocktail menu with some additions.

Barry Chalmers, who was Theme mag’s UK bartender of the year (2005), had a hand in creating the cocktail menu.

Hit the spot for a taste session.

The Hill's lounge

Kicked off with the Fish Bowl ($69.60, all prices netted), which turned out to be my fave among four cocktails that were featured.

Scoop a fish

It’s inspired by the sangria, and features white wine, cider, amarettto, muddled mango, married with lemon grass and a tinge of spice.

It tastes fruity and a little sweet. It’s got that, how do i put it…. childhood-flashback effect for me, as i did get memories of lollipops. The wine cancels out some of the sweetness.

Hawaii 5-0 (had it in a shot glass)

We also had the Hawaii 5-0 ($46.40), which is served in a pineapple. This is a mix of 1.5 shot Smirnoff Green Apple, rasberry jam,  pineapple juice, and Falernum syrup, which is a slightly spice, Caribbean-style sweetener. Its kinda light, with a mainly sour, n light-bitter flavour.

Barry impressed the crowd with his toy

The Florida Keylime Pie ($34.80) is a drink in a martini glass with a toasted meringue top. The top tastes interesting, while the liquid, which is vodka-based, was too sour for me, as i like my drinks balanced. It’s made of Smirnoff Lime, muddled lime, and a dash of milk.

Cookin up the Florida

We ended with the Tea for Two ($58), served in a teapot. And with scones. Haha! This beverage contains Hendrick’s Gin, strawberry yogurt-infused tea, and strawberry jam. For those with a very sweet tooth.

Screw green tea

The cocktail menu has a good variety of drinks served in creative ways, like the Weedkiller, which comes in a poison bottle.

Drinks spread

There’s a cool and fancy party happenin this Sunday at The Hill, in conjunction with Halloween. It’s a Veuve Clicquot event called Yelloween. Entrance is with the purchase of one bottle of VC. Details, click:


Brain damage: 7/10

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