Beer diva??

Thats right. A lady who calls herself the Beer Diva made an appearance one morning at The Tavern on GAB’s premises.

To be frank, i laughed when i got the mail invitation, like how people laugh when i say i wanna be a celebrity alco.

Not for the glamour u see, more for the perks.

One day, like the diva, maybe I could be givin talks n presentations n shit. And they could pay me in alcohol.


Kirrily Waldhorn is a consultant, especially for beer-food pairing in Australia. She gave a short presentation about beer basics, followed by a funny video, then some food + beer.

Since this was a morning event, had to start it right

Happy diva

We didnt go into much detail with the food pairing. Lagers, being light-tasting n bland (and sometimes boring… in my opinion anyway), tend to go well with seafood.

Lager + fish fingers

An interesting team that worked is Guinness with dessert, ie choco cake.

Decent mix

It ended with that, and then we continued drinking.

I think dry, robust malts would go with sweet shit. A simple way to figure is the general rule, if thinking like wine – regard lagers like white wine, and ales as red wine. Thus, red meat would go better with ales, tho we’re unfortunately low on choices when it comes to ales (like porters, IPAs, bocks). Lagers are crisp n delicate, ales are robust and sometimes fruity.

Some say the beer-food should complement each other, while others say contrast. That’s a tough one. I’d usually go for complement, coz i cant imagine cake with lager! *Vomit* Or stout with prawns.

‘Beer experts’ advocate stronger and fruitier flavors (like wheat beers) when dining on spicy fare.

Then again, u can be experimental. In fact, u could also pair food with your DIY beer cocktails. Like Cili Haram, a spicy drink dat goes well with sumtin salty n fried. Or even creamy, for contrast, like Sid’s kick-ass blue cheese shrooms.

Speaking of GAB, it had a Christmas party recently for the Guinness brand, which went down in Malone’s, KL Sentral. There was turkey too!

Merry Guinness was launched, a nationwide campaign for December, with special events (54 of them) and collectibles: an ol skool Guinness glass.

Spot the turkey(s)

U can get it free with every six pints of draft or a bucket of FES (Foreign Extra Stout, bottles). There’re two designs, based on the acclaimed Guinness ads of 1938 & 1955, which featured illustrations by John Gilroy.

U know the hornbill on Guinness merchandise? Its actually a toucan, native to the Americas. I got him on my pillowcase.

Up for grabs

December’s gonna be heavy, as usual!

How's this for a vintage ad?? Luv d wheels!

Kirrily Waldhorn

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