Standing by…

to launch the blog today. Haha!

Time to drink up!

Time to drink up!

Havent been posting in a couple of days. Busy. Will make up soon!

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5 thoughts on “Standing by…

  1. dude, not enough drinks to fuel your writing mojo?? come over to my blog and see if u are keen to win some SMIRNOFF and also ManU merchandises and match tickets <– for your cute housemates lah 😀

    I owe u one bottle also … when can see u ar?

  2. Mucho congratulations, muchacho!!!

    And here’s cheers to you in a million other ways!
    Kampai! Txin txin! Sant Hilari, Sant Hilari, fill de puta qui no se l’acabi ! (“Son of a bitch the one that does not finish the cup”) Yung sing! (“drink and win”) Gan bei !( Chinese for “dry the cup”)”Pura Vida!” (pure life) Na zdraví ( Czech to your health) Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret! ( Danish for bottoms up or the rest in your hair.) Oogy wawa! ( Zulu) Click-click! ( Cambodian slang)

    Hope you live the rest of your life “oily ass gasoline!” ( Cambodian slang for completely wasted)

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