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Four alcohol brands – Laphroaig, Balvenie, Cointreau & Brugal – released new editions last week, all in travel retail.

The new look Laphroaig GTR range comprises: QA, the new entry level brand which is priced at €55; An Cuan Mor, also newly launched and priced at €95.

The Balvenie Triple Cask range comprises a 12 YO, 16 YO and 25 YO expression, each of which have been matured in three steps using different styles of barrel.

The Balvenie – not so big here yet, but picking

First-fill bourbon are used first, refill bourbon casks are used second, followed by a final period of aging in Jerez sherry casks.

Rémy Cointreau also joins the party with its new line extension, Cointreau Noir, a 40% ABV blend of orange liqueur and Rémy Marin cognac. Sounds tasty.

You could probably mix this into Baileys

Matthew Hodges of Remy Martin says “Cointreau Noir is a sultry dark version of the orange liqueur we know and love – the blend of Cointreau and cognac seems to add depth which we believe will appeal to dark spirits connoisseurs as well as lovers of cocktails.”

Maxxium also unveiled Brugal Papa Andres, a new ultra-premium rum. Named after the company’s founder Don Andres Brugal, Brugal Papa Andres is limited to 500 bottles, exclusive to travel retail and is priced at €900/US$1,200.

Brugal. One letter away from Brutal

The number of new products out there is pretty astounding. Even Johnnie Walker just released a new expression under its Explorers Club range – three to be exact. Spice Road, Gold Route, and Royal Silk Route. Details here.

And on top of that, two months ago, John Walker & Sons released Odyssey, a triple malt.

Phew. You’d need to travel every week just to get your collection!

Some affordable, others strictly for collectors. Available in airports in US, Europe and Asia at different times.

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