A beer gut is EARNED

That’s right. It’s not easy to get a beer gut. It’s hard work.

Man on a mission

Man on a mission

It requires a lot of consumption.

But it’s a myth that alcohol gives u a booze gut.

Excess calories are generally stored as fat around the belly – dont matter whether d calories come from food or drinks. Your body dont discriminate. (For chicas, excess calories are normally stored around them hips. Or ass.)

So if u got a beer gut (or beer ass), u eating too much!

Whether u put on weight or lose weight is a case of simple math. A 30-year-old male, requires like 3,000 calories a day to sustain his weight and body. If he consumes say 2,500 calories that day, he loses weight, as his body will ‘eat’ his existing fat to make up the 500 calories. If he consumes 3,500 calories, the extra 500 is stored, as fat. Easy.

Fats are basically reserve stock of calories.

Of course if the guy above exercised, more than 3,000 calories might be used up that day. Exercise here also includes walkin all d way to d bar for your drink rather than askin d waiter.

So, if u know your calorie usage per day (calculator here), u can approximate your intake and control your weight / belly /ass !

A can of beer has about 100 calories. A mee goreng, 170, mee kari 450 (data here). A Coke 330ml has about 140. So, might as well have a dam beer!

Generally booze has carbs but zero fat. Spirits have near-zero carbs.

It’s easy to guestimate how much u’re taking. Most items have their calorie content anyway on the outside.

Using this is a guide, I hope to have a six-pack by year-end! Haha! Almost there – merely five more packs to go. Yea!

Who am i kidding?

Anyway, if anyone has an interesting bet, am interested. Suggestions welcomed.

If i lose n dont get a sixer by January, i will quit drinking for the whole month.

Haha. Maybe.

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